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Department of Missouri  

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Department of  Missouri - Officers
2012- 2013
Department Commander   Everett Kelly   417-345-0694
Chief of Staff   Jimmy Young   417-869-8724
Dept. Senior Vice-Commander   Bryce L. Lockwood   417 736-3089
Dept. Junior Vice-Commander   Ronald C. Mosbaugh   417 782-7728
Department Adjutant   John D. Dismer   417 848-1888
Inspector   Bud Whyte   816-507-9796
Department Finance Officer   John D. Dismer   417 848-1888
Department Judge Advocate   Carl A. Dietrich   417-882-9282
Department Service Officer   Everett Kelly   417-345-0694
Department Legislative Officer   Gary Hughes   913-624-5636
Department Sgt-at-Arms   John Fladung   913-909-3368    
Department Welfare Officer Paul T. Schmitz Sr. 417-865-9079
Department Historian   Sally Dietrich   417-882-9282
Department Chaplain   Jimmy Young   417-869-8724
Department Americanism Officer   Concetta Kelly   417-345-4691




Communicate in our FORUM

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